Our Team – The ICS Faculty and Staff

Administrative Team

Faculty Cibelli Rev. Ernest

Fr. Ernest Cibelli


Faculty Cucuzzella Heather

Mrs. Heather Cucuzzella

Principal  hcucuzzella@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Metzbower Lisa

Mrs. Lisa Metzbower

Assistant Principal  lmetzbower@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Williams Lisa

Mrs. Lisa Williams

Assistant Principal                            Middle School Science Teacher        lwilliams@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Mwai Rev. Nicholas

Fr. Nicholas Mwai

Associate Pastor

Preschool Faculty

Faculty Alcaraz Ann

Mrs. Ann Alcaraz

Pre-K 3 Instructional Assistant

Faculty Holmes Amelia

Mrs. Erin Holmes

Pre-K 4 Instructional Assistant

Faculty Manzoni Lauren

Mrs. Laurie Manzoni

Pre-K 3 Teacher  lmanzoni@theimmaculate.org

Faculty McKnelly Meghan

Ms. Meghan McKnelly

Pre-K 4 Teacher

Faculty Oliver Katie

Mrs. Katie Oliver

Pre-K 4 Instructional Asisitant  koliver@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Simons Cynthia

Mrs. Cindy Simons

Preschool Director | Pre-K 4 Teacher  csimons@theimmaculate.org

Elementary School Faculty

Faculty Alatzas Natalie

Mrs. Natalie Alatzas

Kindergarten Teacher

Faculty Budny Donna

Mrs. Donna Budny

3rd Grade ELA Teacher  dbudny@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Campbell Melanie

Mrs. Melanie Campbell

3rd Grade Math Teacher  mcampbell@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Cruz Lisa

Mrs. Lisa Cruz

2nd Grade Teacher                Elementary School Coordinator lcruz@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Cullen Emily

Mrs. Emily Cullen

Elementary School Science Teacher    ecullen@theimmaculate.org

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Mrs. Erin Curry

5th Grade ELA/Special Education Support Coach  ecurry@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Dodson Stephanie

Mrs. Stephanie Dodson

Kindergarten Instuctional Assistant  sdodson@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Fitzgerald Cindy

Mrs. Cindy Fitzgerald

1st Grade Instructional Assistant

Faculty Fitz Patrick Ann

Mrs. Ann Fitz-Patrick

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant  afitzpatrick@theimmaulate.org

Faculty FitzPatrick Eileen

Mrs. Eileen FitzPatrick

 2nd Grade Teacher  efitzpatrick@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Freer Allie

Miss Allie Freer

2nd Grade Teacher  afreer@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Hodges Nicole

Mrs. Nicole Hodges

Kindergarten Teacher  nhodges@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Hogan Lori

Mrs. Lori Hogan

3rd Grade Social Studies Teacher lhogan@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Jeddry Cassandra

Mrs. Cassandra Jeddry

1st Grade Teacher

Faculty King MaryCatherine

Ms. MaryCatherine King

5th Grade ELA Teacher mking@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Knach Mary Shelley

Mrs. Mary Shelley Knach

K-2nd Grade Science Teacher            mknach@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Roberts Lauren

Miss Lauren Roberts

4th Grade Social Studies Teacher  lroberts@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Rowan Alicia

Mrs. Alicia Rowan

Kindergarten-4th ELA Coordinator    Reading Specialist  arowan@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Schultz Ann

Ms. Ann Schultz

4th Grade ELA Teacher

Faculty Smith London 2

Miss London Smith

5th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Faculty Kurtz Madison

Miss Madison Stratmeyer

5th Grade Teacher         mkurtz@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Sudano Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth Sudano 

1st Grade Teacher esudano@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Trigger Samantha

Mrs. Samantha Trigger

Kindergarten                   strigger@theimmaculate.org


Mrs. Tara Verch

Kindergarten Instructional  Assistant  tverch@theimmaculate.org

Faculty von Briesen Kimberly 2

Miss Kim von Briesen

1st Grade Teacher    kvonbriesen@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Zeidler Shannon

Mrs. Shannon Zeidler

4th Grade Math Teacher

Middle School Faculty

Faculty Pniewski Kathryn

Ms. Kathryn Pniewski

Middle School ELA Teacher                    Middle School Coordinator  kpniewski@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Brennan Sarah

Ms. Sarah Brennan

Middle School Math Teacher  sbrennan@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Canoles Kathleen

Ms. Katie Canoles

Math Teacher and Math Resource Specialist            kcanoles@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Chrvala Erin

Mrs. Erin Chrvala

Middle School ELA Teacher  echrvala@theimmaculate.org


Miss Natalie Lazzaro

Middle School ELA Teacher

Faculty McLaughlin Jacquelyne

Mrs. Jaquelyn McLaughlin

Middle School Social Studies Teacher  jmclaughlin@theimmaculate.org


Mrs. Shannon Radebaugh

Middle School Social Studies teacher  sradebaugh@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Santos Lydia

Señora Lydia Santos

Middle School Spanish Teacher  lsantos@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Scott Jenny

Mrs. Jenny Scott

Middle School Religion Teacher  Religion Coordinator  jscott@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Spilker Brendan

Mr. Brendan Spilker

Middle School Math Teacher  bspilker@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Stasuk Emily

Miss Emily Stasuk

Middle School ELA Teacher  estasuk@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Stephanos John

Mr. John Stephanos

Middle School Science Teacher

Faculty Williams Lisa

Mrs. Lisa Williams

Assistant Principal                            Middle School Science Teacher        lwilliams@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Wilmot Meghan

Mrs. Meghan Wilmot

Middle School Math Teacher  mwilmot@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Yoder Nicole

Mrs. Nicole Yoder

Middle School ELA nyoder@theimmaculate.org

Specials Subject Teachers

Faculty Barczak Cristina

Mrs. Cristina Barczak

Elementary School Librarian  cbarczak@theimmaculate.org


Mrs. Kim Belmore

Physical Education Teacher  kbelmore@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Mansperger Gregory

Mr. Greg Mansperger

Music Director  gmansperger@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Kelly McDonald

Mrs. Kelly McDonald

Technology Teacher kmcdonald@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Miles Monica

Mrs. Monica Miles

Art Teacher  mmiles@theimmaculate.org

Student Support Team

Faculty Franklin Heather

Mrs. Heather Franklin

Inclusion Coordinator  hfranklin@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Baroody Karen

Mrs. Karen Baroody

Guidance Counselor                        kbaroody@theimmaculate.org

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Mrs. Erin Curry

5th Grade ELA/Special Education Support Coach  ecurry@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Fuscaldo Carolyn

Mrs. Carolyn Fuscaldo

School Nurse  cfuscaldo@theimmaculate.org


Mrs. Margee Geare

Extended Day Care Director  mgeare@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Loester Margaret

Mrs. Margaret Loester

Math Specialist

Francie Mcdonnell Nurse

Mrs. Francie McDonnell

School Nurse fmcdonnell@theimmaculate.org


Mrs. Brooke Winter

Guidance Counselor  bwinter@theimmaculate.org

Office and Support Staff


Mrs. Carole Bullington

Administrative Assistant  cbullington@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Collins Patricia

Mrs. Trish Collins

Marketing-Media Specialist  pcollins@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Dixon Carol

Mrs. Carol Dixon

Office Manager  cdixon@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Drewen Kameron

Mr. Kameron Drewen

Facilities Maintenance


Mr. Anthony Falbo


Faculty Falcone Justin

Mr. Justin Falcone

IT Director                          jfalcone@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Harp John

Mr. John Harp

Facilities Mainenance

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Mrs. Anne Krach

Admissions Assistant akrach@theimmaculate.org

Faculty Lastner John

Mr. John Lastner

School Safety Officer

Faculty Russell Curt

Mr. Curt Russell

Facilities Manager

Faculty Spear M. Alethea

Mrs. Alethea Spear

Director of Admissions  aspear@theimmaculate.org

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Sister Dolora Taylor, O.S.F.

Administrative Assistant      dtaylor@theimmaculate.org

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Mrs. Brenda Turner

Administrative Assistant  bturner@theimmaculate.org

Extracurricular Instructors

Faculty Russell Adele web

Mrs. Adele Russell

Theater Company Director icstheaterco@theics.org

Jen web

Mrs. Jennifer Weglein

Band Instructor                                band@theics.org