Immaculate Conception Music and Arts

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Music and art instruction can strengthen a student’s critical thinking skills and improve academic performance, while also building self-confidence and social skills. ICS students have an art class and a music class weekly as a part of our special content areas curriculum. We also offer a great variety of Performing Arts extracurricular opportunities for students of all ages – please view the videos below to learn more!

Performances are offered on campus at ICS throughout the year for the student body as well as for the public. Students in kindergarten through  4th grade present a Christmas Pageant each December featuring a 4th grade play, and our choir, dance and band groups perform in a Christmas concert. During Lent, our 5th grade students present a Living Stations of the Cross dramatization. Our annual highlight is the Theater Company’s Spring Musical! Fine Arts Night, typically held in May each year, features visual artwork created by every student in the school and guests can again attend choir, dance and band performances in our auditorium. 

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ICS Instrumental Band

Beginning in the 4th grade, students have the opportunity each fall to choose an instrument following a Band Demonstration led by our Band Director, Mrs. Jen Weglein and some ICS advanced band students. Weekly lessons occur in small instrument-specific groups tailored to experience levels with after-school full band rehearsals for middle school band members. Performances are offered at the school in December and in May and the band competes at a variety of competitions throughout the school year, notably earning Superior ratings on a regular basis.

ICS Choir

Students in 4th through 8th grades interested in developing their vocal talents can join the ICS Choir under the direction of Mr. Greg Mansperger. Choir practice is weekly before school, with students focusing on a variety of liturgical, holiday and popular musical selections. Choir members spread joy by sharing their talents during school Masses and performances at Christmastime and at the ICS Fine Arts Night each May. The choir also offers community performances, including at the Towson Christmas Tree Lighting and at the Archdiocese of Baltimore Choir Festival.

ICS School Choir
The ICS Dance Company

ICS Dance Companies

Mini Dance, Junior Dance and Senior Dance Companies offer opportunities for ICS students in kindergarten through the 8th grade to participate and perform. The program is staffed with two professional instructors who work with students after school weekly in the genres of ballet, jazz, lyrical and tap. All Dance Companies perform on the auditorium stage at our Christmas Concert and our Fine Arts Night events each school year.

Middle School Art Club

Art Club is designed for students who want to pursue their interest and experience in art. Students are encouraged to work on individual development and explore a variety of media/processes while creating artwork for various school wide activities and the spring Fine Arts Night. There are two sections of Art Club due to high student interest so each group meets on alternating weeks.

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ICS Theater Company

Beginning in the 4th grade, students can join Theater Company and will meet weekly through the fall learning basic theater skills and improvisation techniques. Auditions are later held for a spring musical production with a professional director and professional musical accompaniment. Students may opt to focus on Stage Crew, learning management of light and sound equipment in addition to on-stage scene and prop management. The Spring Musical is presented three times over a weekend following a tech week of preparation, providing participants with a true theater experience that provides a strong foundation for high school theater programs.