Extracurricular Activities

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Extracurricular Activities & Clubs 

At ICS, we strongly believe students grow just as much outside as inside the classroom. That’s why our teachers sponsor numerous clubs and other activities that appeal to a wide variety of student interests. Whether students are pursuing athletic excellence, engaging in creative arts, participating in science and technology clubs, or contributing to community service projects, there is something for everyone. Learn more about how we foster a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures the whole child in an environment of encouragement and enthusiasm.

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Clubs & Activities

The clubs and activities at ICS provide students with a wide range of options that cater to their interests and passions. From the Art Club to the TV Studio Club,  ICS provides a platform for students to dive deeper into their hobbies and areas of interest. These programs not only enhance students’ educational experiences but also help in building critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills, enriching their overall development.

Elementary School Clubs

Basketball (Pre-K – 8th)
Mini Dance Company (K – 2nd)
Junior Dance Company (3rd – 5th)
Green Team (3rd – 5th)
Book Club (4th – 5th)
Mountain Movers (4th – 5th)
Cub Scouts (K – 5th)
Girl Scouts (K -8th)
Altar Servers (4th – 8th)
Choir (4th – 8th)
Instrumental Band (4th – 8th)
Theater Company (4th – 8th)
Track and Field (4th – 8th)
Robotics Club (4th – 8th)

Middle School Clubs

Altar Servers
Art Club
Advanced Band
Academic Competitions
Campus Ministry
Chess Club
Creative Writing Club
Cross Country
Girl Scouts
Golf Team
Lit Squad Book Club
Math 24 Club
National Junior Honor Society
Senior Dance Company
Student Ambassadors
Theater Company
Track and Field
TV Studio / ICS in the Morning
Yearbook Committee
Robotics Club (4th – 8th)

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Academic & Service Clubs

The Immaculate Conception School academic and service clubs offer students the chance to become leaders, make new friends, and give back to their community. Our diverse range of clubs, including the Student Council, National Honor Society, and various service-oriented groups, allows students to explore their academic interests and cultivate a spirit of philanthropy. These programs provide enriching experiences that foster personal growth and a lifelong commitment to helping others.

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Sports Program

The Immaculate Conception School Sports Program offers a comprehensive athletic experience across fall, winter, and spring seasons, fostering physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Through our diverse offerings, students can choose from a range of sports, supported by the parent-run Immaculate Conception Athletic Association (ICAA), ensuring opportunities for participation and competitive play at all skill levels. This dynamic environment teaches students invaluable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience, equipping them for success both on the field and in future endeavors.


The Arts at ICS

Performances are offered on campus at ICS throughout the year for the student body as well as for the public. Students in kindergarten through  4th grade present a Christmas Pageant each December featuring a 4th grade play, and our choir, dance and band groups perform in a Christmas concert. During Lent, our 5th grade students present a Living Stations of the Cross dramatization. Our annual highlight is the Theater Company’s Spring Musical! Fine Arts Night, typically held in May each year, features visual artwork created by every student in the school and guests can again attend choir, dance and band performances in our auditorium. 

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Social Events, Activities and Traditions

Immaculate Conception School is vibrant with social events that enrich our community spirit and foster a sense of belonging among students and families throughout the school year. From festive occasions like the All Saints Day Celebration and the Festival of St. Nicholas, to engaging activities such as BINGO Family Nights, Book Fairs, and the Jessica Meredith Jacobsen 5K Run, there is always something to bring our community together. These events, along with fun traditions like Trunk or Treat and Santa’s Workshop, not only celebrate our faith and fellowship but also enhance the educational experience by creating lasting memories for our students and their families.

Activities and Traditions

100th Day Celebration (Pre-K – 1st)
Grateful for Grandparents Day (Pre-K – 1st)
Easter Egg Hunts (Pre-K – 2nd)
Book Fair (Pre-K – 8th)
Buddy Program (Pre-K – 8th)
Field Day (K – 7th)
Christmas Play (K – 4th)
Archdiocesan Spelling Bee (4th to 6th)
Living Stations of the Cross (5th)
8th Grade vs. Faculty Volleyball Game (5th – 8th)
Fine Arts Night (Pre-K – 8th)
STREAM Fair (Pre-K – 8th)
Trunk or Treat
Grinch Day (K)
Polar Express Day (1st)
ICS Night at Camden Yards (Pre-K – 8th)
Baltimore Blast Night (Pre-K – 8th)
Middle School Pool Party (Rising 6th- 8th)
Open Gym Nights (6th – 8th)
Candy Cane Social (6th – 8th)
Middle School Trimester Awards (6th – 8th)
NorthBay Trip (6th)
Festival of St. Nicholas (Pre-K – 8th)
Jessica Meredith Jacobsen Run (Pre-K – 8th)
Bingo Nights (Pre-K – 8th)