Health Form


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Health Form Requirements and Downloads 

 All required health forms are due to the Health Office by August 1st.  All forms are available to download and are highlighted in blue. 

All NEW students (Pre-K through 8th) and all returning KINDERGARTEN students (new and returning):
The following forms are required:
Health Inventory (Part 1 is completed and signed by the parent and Part 2 must be signed by a physician.)
I-896 Immunization Record (please note that for students entering 7th grade, one dose of Tdap Vaccine and the Meningococcal Vaccine are both required.)
The Over the Counter Medication Form

Returning ICS students entering 6th Grade
A new physical is HIGHLY recommended for students entering Middle School.
Please have your child’s physician complete Part 2 of the following form and parents will complete Part 1:
Health Inventory

Additional Immunization Requirement for new and returning 7th Grade Students: All 7th grade students must have one dose of Tdap Vaccine and the Meningococcal Vaccine. Please provide documentation to the health office verifying that your child has met these requirements. 

Students requiring medication during the school day:
Medication Order Form (routine or prescribed medication)
No medication can be administered to a child without proper documentation on file in the Health Office. Please submit documentation by August 1st and bring the medication to the health office prior to the first day of school.

The Over the Counter Medication Form – REQUIRED for all new and all returning students
Must be signed by PARENT AND PHYSICIAN if you wish to authorize the administration of over-the- counter medications when your student visits the Health Office. No over-the-counter medication will be given without proper documentation. Only a parent signature is required if you indicate that you do not authorize the administration of over-the-counter medications.

Students requiring plans for special medical needs (optional forms):
Asthma Action Plan Form
Food Allergy Action Plan Form

Any questions or concern call 410-427-4812 or email