Middle School

Ensuring Each Student is Abundantly Prepared for What Lies Ahead


Every incoming 6th grade student receives an Apple iPad which is equipped with content filters and can be used with ICS’s Apple TV and projectors. Students work with the Microsoft Office Suite and continue instruction in the areas of internet safety, etiquette and the responsible use of equipment. They are also focus on computer programming and robotics, 3-D printing/CAD design, storyboarding and animation, online research, spreadsheet data management, multi-media presentation creation, and more. 

A student favorite is the ICS in-house TV studio where students produce morning announcements and recorded presentations. The Robotics Club remains a favorite through middle school as well.

ICS’s technology-rich curriculum includes the following:

  • Middle School Robotics featuring Lego VEX and EV3 using LabVIEW™ programming environment
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • G Suite 
  • Timeliner
  • Animation and graphics
  • Kidspiration and Inspiration
  • Pixie Creativity Tools
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Microsoft Office
  • Chromebooks