Middle School

Ensuring Each Student is Abundantly Prepared for What Lies Ahead


During the middle school years, the habits and skills your child has acquired during previous grades come to fruition. It is during these crucial years the values and habits that form the foundation of your child’s adult character begin to take shape. In the right environment, students forge relationships and lasting bonds that will serve them for a lifetime.  It is at this important stage of their educational and spiritual journey that an ICS education is nothing short of invaluable.  

ICS nurtures and develops the skills needed for high school in an atmosphere that supports, teaches and demands individual responsibility, critical thinking and self-discipline. The combination of a balanced and academically challenging curriculum, taught in a caring Christian environment, helps prepare students for a demanding college-prep high school program.

At ICS, we are extremely proud of our high school acceptance record. As many have said, ICS students are abundantly prepared for what lies ahead.