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A Catholic Kindergarten School in Towson, MD

Catholic Kindergarten in Towson, MD

Immaculate Conception School (ICS) offers a full-day kindergarten curriculum that educates the whole child, including their intellectual, social-emotional, creative, physical, and spiritual development.  We do so in a manner consistent with our Catholic faith and values, following the prescribed principles of developmentally appropriate practices from the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Division of Catholic Schools.  

Kindergarten Program Overview

At Immaculate Conception School (ICS), our full-day kindergarten curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for success in Elementary School and beyond. Through engaging and enriching activities, our kindergarten program fosters academic excellence, character formation, and a love for learning. With a strong emphasis on nurturing each child’s unique gifts and talents, we lay the foundation for a lifetime of academic achievement and personal growth. At Immaculate Conception School, we are dedicated to empowering our students to become compassionate, confident, and responsible individuals prepared to succeed in Elementary School and beyond.

ICS Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Immaculate Conception School Kindergarten Curriculum

We are always mindful that a child’s early years are critical in forming attitudes toward God, themselves, others, and learning. ICS combines a strong kindergarten curriculum with students’ interests in order to promote an academically rich and creative learning environment, while simultaneously fostering development in fine motor and gross motor development, language skills, social-emotional development, fine arts and self-help skills.

Our primary goal is to provide a rigorous curriculum with age-appropriate instruction. Each kindergarten class is staffed with a certified early childhood education teacher and a full-time instructional assistant, so there are always two adults present in a class of 18 students. Our kindergarten students receive daily instruction in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and religion. The students also attend science class two times weekly taught by a dedicated science teacher in one of our elementary school science labs. Our kindergarten students attend the full complement of specials subject area classes, including music, art, physical education, technology and library.

Journeys Language Arts Framework

Our Kindergarten language arts program fosters development in the following areas: phonics, sight word recognition, letter formation, listening, repeating, following directions, rhyming, sounds, communication, color recognition, telling stories, and fine motor skill development (holding a pencil and crayon properly, cutting, gluing, tracking with eyes.) This program exposes our kindergartners to a variety of texts and early reading comprehension strategies and encourages them to use their imaginations to act out stories. The Secret Stories phonics program is an engaging supplement to our Journeys curriculum that reinforces the essential building blocks of reading.

Other Curriculum Areas

Kindergartners learn basic science concepts through guided hands-on investigation, exploration, interaction, and discovery in our science labs. Social studies classes feature community helpers and religion classes offer students regular exposure to Bible stories and basic prayer, values development, social interaction with compassion and empathy and reverence in a religious environment.

Bridges in Mathematics Program

Bridges is a dynamic center-based, hands-on, math program using manipulatives, for example: geoboards, pattern blocks, color tiles, and ten blocks and tools which help develop “math thinkers.” Students learn to use numbers, including written numerals, to represent quantities and solve problems. Lessons incorporate geometric concepts through a real world, hands-on approach, encouraging students to find, count, draw, build, and compare shapes; and fit shapes together to make other shapes and puzzles. 

Technology in the Classroom

Our faculty strives to strike the appropriate balance of traditional and technology-enhanced instruction so that students learn how to utilize technology responsibly. Each kindergarten classroom is equipped with a BenQ Board that allows for interactive technology to be used to enhance lessons. Students also have access to a Google Chromebook for classroom use via the homeroom device carts. In addition to these classroom integrations, students attend a Technology class once per week as one of their special subject areas.

ICS Kindergarten: By the Numbers

Student to Teacher Ratio

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Total Number of Students in the Kindergarten Program across 3 classrooms

ICS Kindergarten Athletics Program

Extracurricular Activities 

At ICS, even our kindergarten students have opportunities to explore their interests through extracurricular activities. Both the ICAA soccer and basketball programs are options for these young students, as well as Mini Dance Company! 

Kindergartners each enjoy a week as “Star Student” and the 100th Day Celebration is always a highlight of the year. Special events like Grinch Day and ABC Countdown and the Christmas Around the World unit in social studies all contribute to an energy in the kindergarten rooms that keeps the students highly engaged in learning. The school year wraps up with a celebratory picnic with kindergarten families.

MK Kinder Student Support Photo

Student Support Services 

Several support structures are in place at ICS to enhance the academic, physical and emotional well-being of our students. We employ an Orton-Gillingham trained reading specialist who screens all kindergarten students to identify those who would benefit from early reading supports. Supplemental instruction in a small group setting is offered accordingly.

“I have been so impressed by the kindergarten program at ICS! They’ve established the perfect balance between learning, nurturing and having fun. My child has grown so much both academically and socially this year, we feel very fortunate to be a part of the ICS community!”

Jennifer Pontier

“We have been so pleased with ICS’s kindergarten program.  It strikes the right balance of a nurturing and challenging environment that brings out the best in the students.  The teachers are student-focused, allowing the students to feel supported in their day-to-day learning at a key time for them to master important basic concepts.  We’ve noticed strong emotional and intellectual development in our kids and plan to put all of them through ICS’s kindergarten program.”

Christine Daya Korkor

“We talk often about the sense of community at ICS – and how grateful we are to be here. It is a gift to see our daughter so fully cared for and supported in her growth, both academically and personally. The guidance we’ve received as parents, too, has been invaluable.”

Allison and Adam O’Brien

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Kindergarten Student Support Services at Immaculate Conception School