A Time of Joyful Discovery


Immaculate Conception School (ICS) offers a full-day Kindergarten curriculum that educates the whole child, including their intellectual, social/emotional, creative, physical, and spiritual development.  We do so in a manner consistent with our Catholic faith and values, following the prescribed principles of developmentally appropriate practice from the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Division of Catholic Schools.  

We are always mindful that a child’s early years are critical in forming attitudes toward God, themselves, others, and learning. ICS combines a strong curriculum with students’ interests in order to promote an academically rich and creative learning environment. We look to advance the development of our kindergarten students in each of the following areas:

Fine motor development – building blocks, finger/thumb control, crayon/pencil grip/control, pouring, cutting, gluing, solving puzzles, tracking with eyes

Gross motor development – walking on tiptoes, balance, left/right directionality, running, skipping, steps, hopping, jumping, catching/throwing, imitation, bouncing, kicking, rolling

Language skills – listening, repeating, following directions, rhyming, sounds, communication, color recognition, listening, telling stories, body part identification, concept identification, shape, numeracy and quantitative matching

Socio-emotional development – self-awareness of emotions, names and controls feelings, channeling emotions appropriately, self-description, self-control, self-confidence, transitions, social interaction with compassion/empathy, social play, sharing, taking turns, values development including honesty, rule-following, routines, diversity recognition, family dynamics, manners, basic Catholic prayer and reverence in a religious environment

Fine Arts skills – drawing, creativity, colors, painting, molding, imitation, symbolism, use of props, acting, fantasy vs. reality, rhythmic movement, singing a tune, musical patterns, lyrical repetition, musical expression, instrumental sounds

Self-Help skills – dressing oneself, care for personal belongings, snaps/zippers, tying shoes, eating/drinking with utensils, personal care/hygiene, knowing personal information, personal health/safety, following directions