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Catholic Elementary School in Towson, MD

Catholic Elementary School in Towson, MD

At Immaculate Conception School (ICS), we have high expectations for our students, and they constantly surprise us with their achievements. 

As a Catholic Elementary School in Towson, Md we believe that the elementary years are a time of growth and development for your child during which many lifelong habits and attitudes are established. Regardless of the subject or activity, nurturing a positive self-concept and cultivating a love and enthusiasm for learning are crucial during these formative years. At ICS, we provide a curriculum that helps ensure each child is well prepared for the more challenging academic years ahead. At the same time, we strive to develop the unique talents of each child.  

ICS Elementary School: By the Numbers

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Total Number of Students in Elementary School (Grades 1 through 5)

Immaculate Conception School Elementary School Curriculum

Elementary level students receive daily instruction in language arts, mathematics, social studies and religion, and attend science class three times weekly with a specialized science teacher in one of our elementary science labs. Students also receive weekly instruction in specials subject areas, including music, art, technology, physical education and library. Our first and second grade classes are self-contained, meaning that the homeroom teacher provides instruction in the core subject areas as is appropriate for these young learners, Beginning in the third grade, students are instructed by academically specialized teachers for language arts, math and social studies, with religion still taught in the homeroom setting. In the fourth and fifth grades, advanced and grade-level classes are offered in language arts and math to provide the appropriate level of challenge or support needed for each of our students. Leveled placements are consistently re-evaluated to be sure that each student is appropriately placed, and adjustments to these levels are made as needed. Cursive writing is introduced in the second grade with a goal of mastery in the third grade.

Journeys Language Arts Framework

Journeys language arts framework – The goals of our language arts program are many, and the Journeys series provides student support for achievement in reading and comprehension as well as the underlying grammatical foundations of writing. Students access literature as well as informational texts and we supplement our program with novels beginning in the third grade. Speaking and listening skills are also nurtured while creative and expository writing are emphasized in every grade level and across the content areas.

Elementary School Science Program

Elementary Science at ICS – We are so fortunate at ICS to have two fully equipped science labs for our elementary students. This enables our students to learn science as it should be learned – through guided hands-on investigation and discovery. Our science units are investigative in nature and encompass a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines. 

Saxon Mathematics Framework

Saxon mathematics framework – The Saxon program begins at ICS in the first grade and proceeds throughout the elementary grades. The Saxon program is lesson-based, not chapter-based, and features a spiraled curriculum. Students complete cumulative homework assignments and cumulative assessments thereby producing students who have deep understanding of and proficiency with mathematical foundations. The Saxon program is rich in problem solving and supports our goals to promote reading and writing across the subject areas, while its emphasis on manipulatives and investigations enhances our STREAM philosophy.

Technology in the Classroom

Our technology resources allow elementary students the opportunity to utilize the benefits that technology can offer in terms of research and multimedia access to course content that brings information alive in a way that traditional teaching tools cannot always do. Our faculty strives to strike the appropriate balance of traditional and technology-enhanced instruction so that students learn how to utilize technology responsibly. All elementary students have access to a Google Chromebook via homeroom device carts. Teachers incorporate their usage as appropriate for their students’ developmental stage and classroom instructional needs. 

“I am truly thankful for the experience my daughter is having at ICS. The teachers and staff care not only about student academic achievement, but also support our daughter as she grows socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Additionally, we are grateful for the small class sizes, learning supports, and extracurricular activities that have made her ICS experience exactly what we were looking for in a school community.”

Jessica Orlando

“We have three children at ICS and each child displays vastly different talents, interests, and areas of opportunity. Each child receives a holistic blend of support for their existing talents, encouragement for their areas of opportunity, and structure for their education and personalities.”

Adrian Hughes

My child has thrived in the elementary school at ICS. She has been at ICS since kindergarten and each year her teachers have been partners with our family. They have worked to help challenge her academically while supporting her emotional and spiritual well being. I have consistently been impressed with how well they know my child and how each teacher has worked with her to help her shine. The level of organization, commitment and character of these educators is hard to match. They are amazing and it wonderful to  know that our child is in good hands.

Amy Metzger

“Our daughter loves Immaculate Conception School! The elementary school teachers and academic programs offer our daughter the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, and socially in a kind and nurturing environment. She comes home every day excited to share her learning; her confidence and enthusiasm about all aspects of school truly speaks to the environment of the elementary school at ICS. We are proud to tell people that she is an ICS Eagle!

Scott and Lane Manning

“Sending our children to ICS has been one of the best decisions we could make. The teachers and staff are incredibly caring and passionate about their students’ success. Thank you ICS for laying the foundation of learning and growth!”

Allison Cosgrove

How We Prepare Our Elementary Students for Success in Middle School and Beyond

Extra Curricular Sports Programs

Extracurricular Activities

At ICS, we know that the students’ experiences outside of the classroom are also an important part of their education. To that end, we offer a great variety of extracurricular clubs and we encourage students to explore the breadth of options available to them from athletics to performing arts, and from academic clubs to service organizations.

Student Support Programs

Student Support Services

Several support structures are in place at ICS to enhance the academic, physical and emotional well-being of our students. We employ a reading specialist who offers small group instruction in language arts for students with identified learning needs, as well as a math resource teacher for remediation and support, and an executive function coach available to meet the needs of students who need assistance with organization and study strategies.

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