Sunday Mass ~ All Saints

Sunday Mass

 At Immaculate Conception Church, we have a Mass for everyone.

8:00 AM 

Quiet Mass
Begin your morning in peaceful devotion. This Mass does not include music.

10:00 AM

Choir Mass
Worship enhanced by a full choir, a classically trained cantor and our organist. 

12:00 PM

Contemporary Mass
Enjoy our contemporary music ensemble with this uplifting service.

5:30 PM Sunday 

Praise Mass
Praise music fills the church during our final Sunday service.

Saturday Mass

5:00 PM

Traditional Mass
 Our classically trained cantor is accompanied by our organist during this reverent Mass with traditional hymns. Fulfills Sunday obligation.


3:30pm – 4:30pm

*No Reconciliation on Holy Saturday

Monday – Saturday Mass

8:30 AM 

Daily Mass
Spend a quiet morning with God.