Our School of Religion

Our School of Religion


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School of Religion offers two different programs for students who attend non-Catholic, private, public or home-schools from Kindergarten through 8th grade. These two programs are Sunday School and Family Faith Formation. Sunday School is offered to students wanting to grow and learn more about their Catholic faith in a traditional classroom setting every Sunday. Family Faith Formation follows the same curriculum but with an at-home approach where the children have an opportunity to form their faith as a family with support from catechists and parish staff. In addition to at-home catechism,  grades 1-5 of the Family Faith Formation program will have 6 opportunities to gather throughout the school year. Grades 6 – 8 of the Family Faith Formation program will meet monthly as part of EDGE (youth ministry).  Both programs will run from September-April.

Children entering either program will learn the beauty of our Catholic faith and how to live one’s faith according to their age and understanding. Students will be provided with Christ Our Life (published by Loyola Press) and Family Life (published by RCL Benziger) textbooks. Students will also have access to parish ministries, vocations activities, and service projects throughout the year.

If our religious education programs are unable to meet in-person for any portion of the 2020-2021 school year, we will leverage our workbooks, online catechism resources and other means, like Zoom and virtual activities, to provide distance learning.  The virtual program is low-touch for parents, requiring no more than 20 minutes per child per week.  

Volunteer as a Group Facilitator or Catechist:

Our programs cannot continue to provide faith-sharing opportunities for our families with children without the many volunteers who make it happen.  We will always ask for your support as a facilitator or catechist.  Please prayerfully consider volunteering in one or more of these ministries.  Most require only a little bit of time and minimal effort but would make a tremendous difference in our program.

For more information please contact Erin Miller, 410-427-4726,  emiller@theimmaculate.org

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