Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is part of the mission and ministry of the church. Every member of the parish has a responsibility to serve others. The ministry of our pastoral visitors is to bring the Eucharist to any parishioner who requests it because he/she is unable to get to church. Besides bringing the Eucharist, they bring the message that the homebound person is still considered part of the parish community and that the rest of the community is one with them. Due to the large area covered by the boundaries of our parish and the total number of parishioners, it is extremely difficult for the priests to visit all the people who are ill or otherwise confined to home on a regular basis.

Immaculate Conception’s Pastoral Visitors minister to approximately 20 assisted living facilities. At the assisted living facilities the pastoral ministers conduct weekly Communion Services and make in-room visits to those who are unable to attend the group service. In addition, there are homebound parishioners who receive communion and a visit from our pastoral care ministers. Pastoral Visitors also minister to St. Joseph’s, GBMC and Sheppard Pratt Hospitals; as well as, the prison located in Towson.

Please send your intentions to: Our clergy will take these to their holy hours. 

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is offered to parishioners after each weekend Mass.

For further information, please call the Parish Office at 410-427-4704 or contact us using the form below.