We offer condolences on the loss of your loved one.

The death of a loved one is a time profound grief and sorrow. It is also a time when our Faith can offer great comfort.  Our belief in the Resurrection of Christ allows us to experience grace in the midst of sadness and loss. The Catholic Church offers many prayerful rituals at the time of death.  These are meant to bring hope and consolation to friends and family members as they commend the soul of the deceased person to God’s loving mercy. 

Our Funeral Coordinators serve as Family Facilitators. We assist the family with scriptural and musical selections, and help them to personalize the funeral mass within the liturgical structure. We communicate with the priest, the parish office, the musicians, and the mortuary personnel to provide a well-organized and meaningful liturgy. We hope to ease the family’s stress as much as possible during this difficult time of grief.

In most cases the funeral home contacts us directly. However, if you should need assistance, please contact Carolyn Turner, 410-427-4729 or