(revised 6/5/20)

Guidelines for attending Weekday and Sunday Masses

Beginning Monday, June 1, 2020 

  • PLEASE NOTE: The dispensation from the Sunday and Holy Day obligation to participate in the Mass remains in place for all Catholics until further notice.
  • We will continue to offer a recorded Mass each weekend, so participating in Mass virtually will always be an option.
  • Please stay home if any of these issues apply:
    • Those who are symptomatic or who have been exposed to the virus within 14 days are not permitted to enter the church.
    • All worshippers are asked to check their temperature at home before coming to church.
    • If you have any underlying health issues.
    • If you feel sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick, if you have a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, are frequently sneezing, or were exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
    • Again, please stay home for your safety and the safety of our community.
  • Please use the restroom before leaving home to limit restroom visits once at church.
  • Masks MUST always be worn.
  • Observe 6 ft. social distancing when entering and exiting the church (follow distance marking on the floor and the ‘blue crosses’ in the pews). Therefore, please do not congregate while entering and exiting
  • Do not come to Mass too early as each pew will be sanitized between Masses. When taking your seat, YOU MUST move to the first available ‘blue cross’ on the pew. Those coming behind you ARE NOT ALLOWED to step around you in the pew or aisle. If a family is sitting next to you, be six feet from the last person in the family.
  • Therefore, once you sit, please do not get up and move.
  • Paper worship aids, bulletins and pamphlets are not allowed at this time.
  • There will be no congregational singing – only instrumental music and cantor solo music to enhance your prayer.
  • There will be no physical contact for the sign of peace.
  • No collection will be taken up at the preparation of gifts. Baskets will be at the doors as you leave for your offering.
  • Procedures for receiving Communion will be given before Communion by the pastor. Please follow these procedures as requested.
  • Whether you are receiving Communion or not, YOU MUST LEAVE the pew with everyone else. Cross your hands over your heart and the priest will know to give you a blessing.
  • WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ANYONE climb over people in the pew.
  • Please practice social distancing going up for Communion by standing on the designated lines on the floor which are positioned 6 feet apart.
  • At the end of Mass, the pastor will invite people sitting in the BACK of church to exit via the center and side aisles at the appropriate times to prevent ‘bottle necks’.
  • All doors will be opened to prevent any need of touching handles.
  • Clergy will not be available to greet as you exit.


Thank you for your patience and taking the time to read the many changes that will be happening due to the situation.