Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24

4:00 pm Church ~ Brass, Contemporary Music Ensemble ~ (Fr. Barr)
4:00 pm School Auditorium ~ Christmas Family Mass with Tableau ~ Piano, Cantor ~ (Fr. Young)
6:00 pm Church ~ Organ, Brass, Cantor ~ (Fr. Young)
8:00 pm Church ~ Organ, Cantor ~ (Msgr. Tillman)
10:00 pm Church ~ Adult Choir, Organ begins at 9:30 pm ~ (Fr. Barr)


Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25

10:00 am Church ~ Organ, Vocal Ensemble ~ (Fr. Young)
12:00 pm Church ~ Organ, Vocal Ensemble & Brass ~ (Fr. Barr)


Mary, Mother of God, Wednesday, January 1

5:30 pm Vigil Mass (December 31)
10:00 am, 12:00 noon


Free Parking ~ Baltimore County Parking Garage

Christmas Eve & Day


The Baltimore County Parking Garage, located at the corner of  Ware and Washington Avenues, will be open and free to park on December 24 & 25. They will try to have the gate up, but in the event the gate is down, just take a ticket to enter.

 When exiting, push the green button to raise the gate. There will be NO COST

Please consider using the garage to park when attending the heavily worshipped Christmas Eve Services.