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Extracurricular Activities

Teachers throughout the year sponsor numerous clubs and activities for students of all ages.  These activities occur both during and after the school day.

National Junior Honor Society - Mrs. McLaughlin

Student Council - Mr. Spilker

Cross Country Team - Mrs. Kim Belmore

Track & Field Team - Mrs. Kim Belmore

Altar Serving - Contact the Parish Office, 410-427-4700

Art Club - Mrs. Monica Miles

Middle School Choir - Mr. Greg Mansperger

Elementary School Choir - Mr. Greg Mansperger

Academic Competitions

Instrumental Band - Ms. Jennifer Weglein

Performing Arts  - Click Here for Info

STEM / Science Club - Mrs. Cindy Fitzgerald (Elementary) and Miss Rena Collector (Middle School)

Robotics Club - Mr. Josh Smith

School Yearbook 

Safety Patrol 

Scout Troops - Contact the Parish Office, 410-427-4700

Spelling Bee

TV Studio/Morning Announcements - Mrs. Trish Collins

Basketball and Soccer - Visit the Immaculate Conception Athletic Association

Middle School Lacrosse (separate boys and girls teams)

Immaculate Conception School

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