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An important part of the education of the students who attend Immaculate Conception School and their families is to understand that as a Catholic community we are responsible for providing charitable outreach to those in need, including our sister parish in Baltimore City,  St. Thomas Aquinas.  Throughout the school year the students use their time and talents to contribute to various causes to aid the needy. 

The focus of the student council, youth groups, staff, and faculty and the Home School Association has always been service to aid the members of our community who are in need of a helping hand.  Immaculate Conception School assists the parish Giving Tree Project during Advent; food drives for the Assistance Center of Towson Churches; choses a service-based Lenten project; and performs service projects as part of their sacramental preparation.

Immaculate Conception School is a community that prides itself in reaching out with kindness and compassion to our community.  The students, staff and faculty of Immaculate Conception School understand their good fortune and are fully prepared to give back to the community.

Immaculate Conception School and The Church of the Immaculate Conception

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