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Finances, Tuition, and Fees

Registration Deposit

There is a $400.00 non-refundable/non-transferable registration deposit. Of this deposit, $300.00 is applied non-refundable prepaid tuition. This amount will be deducted from the tuition bill. The remaining $100.00 covers the registration fee noted below.

Tuition 2019-2020 Academic Year

ProgramTuition w/ ICC Grant*            Tuition          
Half Day Pre-K 3:  1/2 day 3 days a week$3,270 $3,770
Half Day Pre-K 3:  1/2 day 5 days a week$4,950$5,450
Full Day Pre-K 3:  3 days a week$5,290 $5,790
Full Day Pre-K 3:  5 days a week$8,150 $9,150 
1/2 Day Pre-K 4:  5 days a week$4,950 $5,450
Full Day Pre-K 4:  5 days a week$8,150$9,150 
Kindergarten  - Grade 5$8,150$9,150
Grade 6 (tuition includes iPad)$9,390 $10,390 
Grades 7 & 8$8,650$9,650 

Tuition fees may be paid annually, semi-annually, or monthly through the FACTS program with a processing fee due to FACTS.

Tuition includes the amount of $365.00 in fees for registration ($100), technology ($180), consumable books ($75), and HSA dues ($10).

Outstanding Fees

Students with outstanding tuition fees will not receive progress reports, parent access to PowerSchool may be denied, and a transfer issued if arrangements are not coordinated with the Finance Office.

FINAL Progress Reports will not be distributed if tuition, book bills, library fees, Extended Day fees or late fees are outstanding.

All accounts must be current for 8th Grade students to participate in the graduation ceremony and attend the year-end field trip.

Early Withdrawal

If a student withdraws after the school year has begun, tuition payment will be due for trimesters completed and/or begun. If tuition already paid is in excess of the final balance due, the excess amount may be refunded.

Immaculate Conception Financial Aid

Grants and Financial Aid 

Immaculate Conception School is blessed to access two main channels of financial assistance: The Archdiocese of Baltimore and Immaculate Conception Parish. Some families can also qualify for area grants and scholarships (see below)..

Beginning November 2, 2019, applications for financial aid are now being accepted for the 2019-2020 school year.  The Archdiocese of Baltimore asks families to have all necessary forms submitted no later than February 28, 2019. Financial awards are generally known in late April/early May of 2019. All families, regardless of faith, are eligible to apply to the Archdiocese of Baltimore for tuition grants and aid each year. To apply for financial aid, please click here. The financial aid application process is hosted by FACTS, our tuition management provider.  

The money awarded by the Archdiocese will be distributed under the following priorities:

  1. Current recipients of Financial Aid
  2. Financial need of family

In addition, all families who have parishioner status* are eligible to receive aid from our parish. Immaculate Conception Church Parishioners apply through the same FACTS system shown above and awards are given at the discretion of the Pastor.

Only one application through FACTS is necessary to be considered for both aid programs. Online applications must be completed by February 28th.

* ICC Grant for Immaculate Conception Parishioners 

To be considered a parishioner of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, a person or family must: 

  • Complete and submit to the parish office all required registration forms
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the parish with regular and frequent attendance at Saturday/Sunday Mass at Immaculate Conception
  • Demonstrate consistent use of the parish envelopes and/or EFT (electronic funds transfer)  
  • Families must be active parishioners for one year in order to be eligible for the discounted tuition rates

For the purpose of school registration, ONLY families who are parishioners of ICC and fulfill the above-described standards will be granted the in-parish discount. The school and/or parish reserve the right to audit and adjust any tuition selection status. Should you have a question regarding the parishioner status, please contact the parish office at by calling 410-427-4702.

Other grant and scholarship opportunities

The Marion Burk Knott Scholarship Fund

The Marion Burk Knott Scholarship Fund awards four-year, full-tuition scholarships each year to Catholic students entering Upper School who excel in academics. Detailed information about the scholarship requirements and application process may be obtained by calling the toll-free telephone number (877-603-9980) or from the website (

Theresa F. Truschel Charitable Foundation Inc.

Another recently established scholarship opportunity is available through Theresa F. Truschel Charitable Foundation Inc. Ms. Truschel, who died early in 2007, specified in her will that a foundation be established to provide scholarships and assistance to worthy students attending Catholic schools at all levels based on financial need, past academic performance and potential success. Further information and an application may be found on the foundation website (