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Summer Academics & Workbooks

2019 Summer Reading Assignments 

All students entering grades 1st through 8th are asked to complete reading assignments in order to maintain literacy skills acquired during the school year. Your role is to help facilitate the completion of the summer work. Please help your child schedule time to compete their reading assignments throughout the summer. Reading for pleasure is a wonderful skill to cultivate with your child. 

Each grade level has posted summer reading lists and assignments to provide suggestions to appeal to many interest and ability levels. Students entering 4th through 8th grades will have a shared book experience.They are required to read an assigned book in addition to books of choice, and will complete an in class project when school begins. This summer students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will be required to complete IXL for Language Arts. Each grade level has posted guidelines and suggested skills. IXL will be given a grade. Students entering grades 1 and 2 do not have an IXL requirement for Language Arts, but can take advantage of this subscription by choosing skills to practice over the summer.

If you have questions regarding these directions, please contact Mrs. Rowan at for clarification. Thank you for your continued partnership in strengthening your child’s skills and fostering their love of learning.

Incoming 1st Graders:
Rising First Grade Summer Reading Letter
Rising First Grade Book Log
Rising First Reading List
Rising First Grade Story Map

Incoming 2nd Graders:
Rising 2nd Grade Summer Reading List
Rising 2nd Grade Summer Assignment

Incoming 3rd Graders:
Rising 3rd Grade Reading Log
Rising 3rd Grade Reading Letter
Rising 3rd Grade Summer Assignment
Rising 3rd Grade Summer Reading List
Rising 3rd Grade IXL Assignment

Incoming 4th Graders:
Rising 4th Grade Summer Reading Letter
Rising 4th Grade Summer Reading List
Rising 4th Grade Reading Log
Rising 4th Grade IXL Assignment

Incoming 5th Graders:
Rising 5th Grade Summer Reading Letter
Rising 5th Grade Summer Reading List
Rising 5th Grade IXL Assignment

Incoming 6th Graders:
Rising 6th Grade Summer Work

Incoming 7th Graders:
Rising 7th Grade Summer Work

Incoming 8th Graders:
Rising 8th Grade Summer Work


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