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Summer Academics & Workbooks

2019 Summer Math Assignments 

All students enrolled at Immaculate Conception School for the 2019-2020 school year in grades K – 8 are required to do summer math work. Similar to last summer, all rising 2nd – 8th grade students will do their work on Kindergarten and 1st grade students will have a different assignment.(see below) 1st grade students were provided with an IXL account and list of suggested topics for use at the parent’s discretion. 

This summer’s requirements balance student/parent preferences with the school’s mission to help preserve math skills over the summer. It is important that parents and students review the details contained in this letter together so that everyone understands the expectations and develops a personalized plan for the student’s completion of the work. 

The purpose of the summer math program is to ensure that each student maintains math skills mastered during the previous school year. Skills that go unpracticed are ultimately lost. In an effort to maximize retention and give your student the best chance for success in the upcoming year, logging in each week is the preferred practice. We do, however, appreciate that summer schedules often do not permit this, so flexibility has been built into this year’s requirements. Here are the minimum requirements per grade:


Rising 6th – 8th grade             6 total hours of time spent on IXL practicing skills from the provided list at 80% mastery (this equates to 30 minutes/week on average)

Rising 4th & 5th grade            4 total hours of time spent on IXL practicing skills from the provided list at 80% mastery (this equates to 20 minutes/week on average)

Rising 2nd & 3rd grade           2 total hours of time spent on IXL practicing skills from the provided list at 80% mastery (this equates to 10 minutes/week on average)

Rising 1st grade - Spectrum K Summer Workbook with IXL as a support to be used as needed (no minimum time required) The requirement information attached here The workbook can be ordered at

Rising Kindergarten - Summer Math BINGO: The assignment is attached here and the directions here.


Each student must use the username and password assigned through the school in order to receive credit for completed work. Practice on a private account or a sibling’s account will not be considered. Please encourage your student to write down his or her account information somewhere where it can be easily retrieved. It is important to note that the app had unreliable results for some students last year and should not be used for summer work. The only way to ensure an accurate account of time logged and scores earned is to log onto IXL through the internet at  The work may be completed on an iPad, but through a web browser only!

Again, it is important to reiterate that frequent, consistent practice spread out over the course of the summer is optimal. If this cannot be achieved, the next best approach is to ensure that your student practices some amount during each of the three months (June, July & August). Completing the entire time requirement either the day school gets out or the day before school begins is not productive and defeats the intended purpose of the program. 

A student who successfully completes the summer math requirements by the first day of school within the period from June 17 – September 2 will receive 50 points for his or her summer work. This will be the student’s first grade for the new trimester. A student who completes less than the minimum time requirement will have his or her grade reduced on a pro-rated basis (i.e. 3 hours out of 6 will earn 25 points out of 50). Rising kindergarten and 1st grade students should complete the main part of the workbook for full credit (this does not include extra lessons at the end). 

Each student must work from the suggested list of skills for the grade or course the student completed in the 2018-2019 school year. Highlighted skills on the middle school skill sheets are REQUIRED and students must work to complete those important skills FIRST before selecting from any of the remaining suggested items. If your student participated in an advanced math class, he or she will need to pay particular attention to the skill sheets to be sure they are selecting the one that corresponds with the material the student learned and the book they used. Select the appropriate hyperlink below which will take you to the correct skill sheet for your student: 

Rising 1st graders (suggested topics only – no time requirement)

Rising 2nd graders

Rising 3rd graders

Rising 4th graders

Rising 5th graders who took grade-level math

Rising 5th graders who took advanced math in 4th grade (Intermediate 5)

Rising 6th graders who took grade-level math in 5th grade

Rising 6th graders who took advanced math in 5th grade (Course 1)

Rising 7th graders who took grade-level math in 6th grade (Course 1)

Rising 7th graders who took advanced math in 6th grade (Course 2)

Rising 8th graders who took grade-level math in 7th grade (Course 2)

Rising 8th graders who took advanced math in 7th grade (Course 3)

Rising 8th graders who took Algebra I in 7th grade

If you have questions regarding these directions, please contact Mrs. McMahon at for clarification. Thank you and have a wonderful summer! 

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