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Technology Commitment

At ICS, we strive to take all opportunities to integrate technology into our academic curriculum and standards.   Our content-driven applications provide services to our students, our faculty, and our parents / guardians at home.


K-5 students attend technology class and middle school students attend robotics class to learn how to use technology for real world applications and problem solving.  

Topics addressed in the lab include real-world solutions using technology, a sense of ethics and values regarding safe-usage of the Internet, and adherence to an Acceptable Use Policy.

Laptop and Tablet Program


Each faculty member has a laptop computer with wireless Internet and network access. Ceiling mounted wireless projectors and SMART Boards with SMART Response handheld pods are available in all classrooms so faculty members may provide visual learning and interactive opportunities in any class. 

Faculty members are responsible for maintaining an e-Chalk web-site on which homework, announcements and handouts are posted in a timely manner, eliminating the problem of “forgetting assignment books” or losing papers.  Behind the scenes applications are used extensively by faculty members to enhance the thoroughness of our curriculum.  

Parents / Guardians

Parents of students in Grades 3-8 are provided with web-based, real-time access to their children’s grades via an on-line grading system called PowerSchool.  This allows parents to see EACH grade for any given lesson or subject matter the moment it has been entered into the system.

Parents are encouraged to maintain e-mail contact with the faculty members, who offer a 24-hour response on any e-mail received.   Ease of communication and open dialog are encouraged between school and home.