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Special Needs Accomodations

At Immaculate Conception School, we are committed to supporting the learning needs and differences of all of our students.  Our approach to differentiated instruction, a tutoring program sponsored by the National Junior Honor Society, and classroom accomodations as necessary are just some of the many ways in which we show our belief that all students can learn!

As followers of Christ, who said "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" (Matthew 19:14), we know at Immaculate Conception that being a Catholic school means embracing our mission to educate all of God’s children.  While we are not a public school with full access to government resources, we do make a full effort to honor IEP and 504-documented accomodations whenever possible.  Whenever a parent/guardian presents documentation from a recognized professional source, our administrative team meets to review the file and determine what accomodations, if any, can be provided by our school's resources.  Documentation of the accomodations being recommended is a requirement to begin this process.

Once the accomodations that can be provided are determined, that information will be shared with the instructional staff.  Depending on the nature of the accomodations agreed to, a special note may be made on the report card and transcripts indicating that the adaptations to the standard academic program were made.

Should you and/or your child's teacher begin to suspect your son/daughter is experiencing a learning difference, please contact the school office.  We have resources available to support you in the testing and diagnosis process.  In all ways, our goal is to support you in helping your child to achieve their fullest academic potential!