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Middle School (6-8) Academics

Immaculate Conception Middle School students get the best of both worlds!  Our 6th, 7th, and 8th grades are located in the Middle School building.  Meanwhile, select classes still take place in the Elementary School building.  As a result, our middle school students experience all of the advantages of the high school campus "feel" without losing the small classes, traditions, and values present in a classic Catholic school setting.

Middle school students are in a time of transition and the curriculum complements that reality with an inquiry-driven academic focus. Learning how to ask questions and problem-solve using critical thinking are the skills needed for 21st Century students. The interdisciplinary program in grades 6-8 encourages a collaborative approach to the development of those skills. Areas of inquiry include, but are not limited to:

Our middle school curriculum exposes students to an inquiry-based problem-solving approach that encourages dynamic thought and team-building. The ICS STREAM curriculum serves to engage its students in science, technology, religion, engineering, the arts and mathematics and provide them with the problem-solving skills they will use to remain immersed in all academic areas. This education will provide students with an appreciation for the world God has given them by helping them to achieve a successful balance between their faith in God and their sense of reason. 

With our science labs, SMART Boards and our "Engineering is Elementary" framework, our science and technology curriculum is cutting-edge in every way. Our Catholic Identity is present in everything we do - from reaching out to the community through service to our weekly school-wide celebration of Mass. Our fine arts develop creative expression through our award-winning performance ensembles and our growing graphic arts program. Math skills honed by the Saxon curriculum are second-to-none and our standardized test scores prove it. 

Students graduating from 8th grade at Immaculate Conception School go on to the best high schools in the region.  They excel at the secondary and collegiate levels, and become tremendously successful in their adult lives.  With the Middle School program now growing, the possibilities for the future - and for our students - are limitless!