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Our Mission & Faith

We are a community of Christian leaders and caring educators with student-centered goals who have been called by God to bring the Catholic faith and academic excellence to students in a motivating, challenging, positive, faith-filled learning atmosphere. We provide an environment that encourages the holistic development of each member of the school community and a value-centered education through understanding and affirmation of students in the period of transition from childhood to adolescence. We prepare our graduates to be responsible, socially conscious, self-reliant individuals with strong academic and moral foundations.

Mission Statement

Immaculate Conception School's mission is to provide a diverse student body from preschool through 8th grade with an academically-rigorous, technologically-rich, globally-aware, and doctrinally-sound program of education where knowledge and faith are integrated to form a Catholic, student-centered learning environment. 

STREAM Mission Statement

The ICS STREAM curriculum serves to engage its students in science, technology, religion, engineering, the arts and math and provide them with the problem-solving skills they will use to remain immersed in all academic areas.This education will provide students with an appreciation for the world God has given them by helping them to achieve a successful balance between their faith in God and their sense of reason.

Archdiocese Mission Statement

Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore provide a Christ-centered education that is academically excellent and empowers students to reach their full potential - spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and morally.

Fostered through robust collaboration among all stakeholders, the mission is accomplished through accountable leadership at all levels, ongoing and coordinated strategic planning, centralized efficiencies, and financial sustainability.

Immaculate Conception School

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