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Master Plan

The Master Plan process began November of 2010 at the Parish General Meeting when we asked our parishioners and school families, “What should we do with an empty high school building?” Due to the response we received at this meeting, we realized that moving forward it was not just a building question, but a campus and parish community question.

Since that November ’10 meeting, over 40 parishioners with varied interests and expertise, have been working hard on the strategic plan that will meet the educational, spiritual and social needs of our parish. In November of 2011, a needs assessment of the six sub-committees (Worship, School, Administrative/Housing, Parish Community Life, Facilities and Cemetery) was presented to our Parish Community again at a parish wide general meeting and a summary of this meeting communicated in a letter from Fr. Joe on December 25.  The architecture firm of Hord, Coplan and Macht presented the Master Plan Design Concept for the Parish on Sunday, June 3, 2012 to close to 100 parishioners; a copy of the presentation is located here.

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