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Faith & Friendship

All are welcome to join in small group discussions on topics of interest regarding the faith. The groups meet off campus on schedules established by each individual group to discuss a chosen topic and enjoy the socialization of like-minded individuals. Evenings of Reflection” including Benediction and a variety of speakers are offered  to the groups to encouraged participation in spiritual enrichment and fellowship.

Would you like to grow in your faith and also make new friends who are also interested in nurturing their faith?

Are you a young mom with very young children who can only get together in the morning after you drop your youngster(s) off at preschool?

The Immaculate Conception FAITH AND FRIENDSHIP Program is continuing to develop small faith sharing groups. A MOM's Group is already operating and looking for new members. A list of spiritual resources approved by our pastor is used by all groups.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception

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