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Pastoral Council & Corporators

Our parish is a corporation established by the Archbishop of Baltimore. In addition to the corporate officers of the Archbishop, Vicar Bishop and our pastor, two parish members serve as corporators and many parishioners make up our Pastoral Council. Our parish conforms to all laws and rules promulgated by the Archbishop of Baltimore and the universal law of the Church as promulgated in Canon Law.

Our Principals of Governance sets forth the Parish Goals that guide the planning and operation of the parish. Like all other statements that define our identity, they have been developed over time as a collegial enterprise of our pastor and our parishioners.

Parish Goals

  • Maximize communication within and beyond the parish community.
  • Deepen and nurture the spirit and vitality of parish life and community.
  • Raise the level of faith formation and education for all parishioners.
  • Implement strategies to strengthen the long-term financial stability of the parish.
  • Expand community ownership of our service and outreach ministries, a core element of our parish life.
  • Expand and energize the participation of young people in all areas of the parish life.

Our Corporators

Pastoral Council Goals

  • Provide support, assistance and make recommendations to the Pastor, Associate Pastors, Parish Staff and parishioners. 
  • To improve and enhance communication, both internal and external, among Pastoral Council, Parish Staff, Committees, and Parishioners.
  • To build depth and leadership within all Committees, and identify participating members of each Committee

Pastoral Council Constitution and By-Laws 

The Church of the Immaculate Conception

Mass Times

Saturdays8:30am & 5pm
Sundays8:00am (quiet), 10:00am, 12:00pm & 5:30pm
Monday – Friday8:30am


Saturdays3:30pm - 4:30pm