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The Organ

The OrganThe organ in Immaculate Conception Church began life as Opus 10719 of the M.P. Moller Company, Inc, Hagerstown, Maryland. It was built in 1971, as a memorial to John T. Waldhauser, Jr., and Mrs. Edward H. (Bessie) Burke. The tonal consultant was Donald King. Tonal and mechanical revisions were made over the years, but the organ was beginning to fail due to many years of steady and constant use.  It was decided in 2005 to rebuild and restore the pipe portion of the instrument while adding digital voices to fill in gaps in the ensemble and to add color voices.  A generous donation was received from John and Lisa Bertanni to fund this project and The R.A. Daffer Church Organ Company of Fulton, MD, was contracted.  The restored organ was rededicated in September 2007.

The number after each stop name generally indicates the length in feet of the lowest pipe in the rank or set of pipes, usually 61 pipes for Great, Swell and Choir, and 32 pipes for the Pedal. Example: the Principal 8'. The lowest pipe is 8 feet tall, and the rank has 61 pipes.)

Download organ specifications (MSWord Doc).