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The Apse Windows

St. Matthew Apse Window

The "St. Matthew" Window

Matthew's symbol is the winged man because his Gospel begins by tracing the human descent of Christ. Because of this, symbols of the Incarnation appear above the figure of Matthew: the Star of David, the manger, and the Chi Rho Cross above the manger, representing the Word become flesh.

Given by: Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Lynch
In memory of: Hazel Marie and Edward Lynch

The "St. Mark" Window

The symbol for Mark is the winged lion. The ancient legend of the lion was that it was born dead and raised to life 3 days later by its parent. There appear symbols of the sacrifice of Christ: the cross, crown of thorns and saving cup.

Given by: Mrs. Helen Lyness
In memory of: Anna K. Emig, C. Maurice Emig, Charles L. Emig, Michael M. Marecki

The "Immaculate Conception" Window

Mary, was the most Blessed Virgin from the first moment of her conception. She stands at the center of our faith community, which is named in her honor, as an example of true faith and maternal love. She stands with the world beneath her feet and stars above her crown.

Given by: Mrs. Helen Lyness
In memory of: Fr. James G. O'Neill, Msgr. Joseph M. Nelligan, Msgr. John U. Lyness

The "St. Luke" Window 

Luke's symbol is the winged ox because the ox is a symbol of sacrificial death and resurrection. Therefore, symbols of the resurrection appear above the figure Luke: the sunrise and banner of victory over death.

Given by: Mrs. Helen Lyness
In memory of: Arthur A. Lyness, Susanne R. Lyness, Arthur A. Lyness, Jr., Betty Smith Lyness

The "St. John" Window 

The symbol for John is the eagle because his Gospel has historically been considered to be the best narrative and one that soars on the wings of an eagle to the throne in Heaven. Because of this, symbols of the Ascension appear above the figure of John: rays of light emitting from the crown and clouds below.

Given by Justin and Frances Vitrano
In memory of: Stephen A. Vitrano


Stained glass windows by: Gibbons of Baltimore - Church Interiors
Fabrication by: Lynchburg Stained Glass Company Lynchburg, Virginia