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Church News and Announcements

We meet every Saturday morning from 9:15 am -11:00 am in the Nelligan Room of the Parish Offices (side door entrance by the steps). The topics are not consecutive, so you are welcome to join us at any time. New members are encouraged.

The meetings are casual and:
• Provide an opportunity to deepen your faith in Jesus Christ
• Built upon the Catholic perspective
• Offer a respectful and encouraging Fellowship • Are open to all men

If you have any questions and/or are interested in participating, please contact or call Bill McCarthy at 443-791-7930.

We are so grateful for the adorers who have made the commitment to cover an hour at the chapel.

Sunday: 12-1 am (Sat. night);2-3 pm
Monday: 4-5 am (Sun. night); 9-10 am; 1st & 3rd Mon. 11 am-noon
Tuesday: 12-1 am; 1-2 am (both Mon. night); 6-7 am
Wednesday: 12-1 am; 2-3 am; 3-4 am (Tu. night, biweekly for all 3); 6-7 pm
Thursday: 9-10 pm; 10-11 pm
Friday: 3-4 am; 4-5 am; noon-1pm; 2-3 pm; 7-8 pm; 11pm-12 am
Saturday: 9-10 am; 10-11 am; noon-1 pm; 1-2 pm; 3-4 pm(need team members 1x/month); 7-8 pm

Sunday: 11 am-noon; 1-2 pm
Monday: 10-11 am
Wednesday: 10-11 am; 11 am-noon; 3-4 pm; 9-10 pm
Thursday: 5-6 pm; 6-7 pm
Saturday: 4-5 pm

If you can take one of these hours regularly please call Beth Van Natta at 410-337-3548 or email ALSO, if you are interested in being part of an online scheduling system for substitutes, please send an email to It would allow you to see which hours have been taken to avoid double-scheduling subs for open hours.

A new ministry called PRAYER AND MEDITATION has been developed.

Its focus is to encourage parishioners to turn to the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in fervent prayer and faith, listening to Him as He responds to us in our hearts.  A prayer booklet called “Listen To The Spirit Speak” has been created by parishioner, Mary Knudsen, who has experienced several surgeries and ongoing health problems which made regular attendance at church difficult.  This booklet has been placed in the Chapel for those who visit the Lord there.  It is also available in the narthex for all who wish to take one and use it to help foster quiet prayer and meditation at home.