We are so grateful for the adorers who have made the commitment to cover an hour at the chapel.

Sunday: 12-1 am (Sat. night);2-3 pm
Monday: 4-5 am (Sun. night); 9-10 am; 1st & 3rd Mon. 11 am-noon
Tuesday: 12-1 am; 1-2 am (both Mon. night); 6-7 am
Wednesday: 12-1 am; 2-3 am; 3-4 am (Tu. night, biweekly for all 3); 6-7 pm
Thursday: 9-10 pm; 10-11 pm
Friday: 3-4 am; 4-5 am; noon-1pm; 2-3 pm; 7-8 pm; 11pm-12 am
Saturday: 9-10 am; 10-11 am; noon-1 pm; 1-2 pm; 3-4 pm(need team members 1x/month); 7-8 pm

Sunday: 11 am-noon; 1-2 pm
Monday: 10-11 am
Wednesday: 10-11 am; 11 am-noon; 3-4 pm; 9-10 pm
Thursday: 5-6 pm; 6-7 pm
Saturday: 4-5 pm

If you can take one of these hours regularly please call Beth Van Natta at 410-337-3548 or email bethvannatta@yahoo.com ALSO, if you are interested in being part of an online scheduling system for substitutes, please send an email to bethvannatta@yahoo.com. It would allow you to see which hours have been taken to avoid double-scheduling subs for open hours.