Restore, Refresh, Renew ~ Acknowledge, Accept, Adore

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, patience and cooperation over the past six weeks as we renovated the Adoration Chapel.  This 2017 renovation of The Adoration Chapel is possible because of the generous donations of loyal parishioners who believe in the power of adoration.   We thank you for your generous contributions.

We also thank the craftsmen who applied their skills and determination to this project: R.H. Fewster Painting Co., Inc., Calvert Mechanical Solutions, Yorkshire Carpet House, Inc., Mirror Crafters, Inc., and Ken MacDonald and Evan Votta of the Parish Facilities Team. We are very pleased with the work completed to enhance your worship time spent in prayer with Jesus, The Blessed Sacrament.

We are excited about the following renovations:

  • Electrical work is 95% complete. 
  • New rugs have been installed.  
  • Walk-off mats are in transit.
  • Glass for the window sills is pending delivery.  
  • Paint touch up is underway.  
  • Deep cleaning of project residue is ready to begin.  
  • The entire chapel has been cleaned and repainted using 9 different colors of paint. Beautiful work completed by R.H. Fewster Painting, Co., Inc., the same company that performed the painting of the church renovation.    
  • The ceiling tiles in the foyer have been replaced with insulated tiles that resist dust adherence.
  • Lighting is being replaced within the chapel.   Light bulbs have been upgraded with 25,000 hour LED lights that should last us three years.  Ceiling lights which have not worked in years will now compliment light from the pendant lights.    Cove lights over the door and far side also work after years sitting idle.   Lights in the Mary grotto are being replaced.   To illuminate various events, new LED dimmers have been installed for each different type of lighting.